The University of Bari Aldo Moro is one of the greatest University in Southern Italy, with campus also in Brindisi and Taranto, that covers the different cultural scientific and humanistic fields.

  • Schools: 2
    • Departments: 23
    • Students: 43215
  • Professors: 707
  • Researchers: 684
  • Technical and administrative personnel: 1396

The Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science of the University of Bari was part of the Agricultural Faculty which was decommissioned since November 2012. It has a long tradition in the management of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses, and in scientific research in the agriculture, forest and environmental fields.

Structure of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science 

Research programs in progress

  • Horizon 2020
  • Erasmus+
  • Prima 2018, Partnership for Research and innovation
  • Interreg V-A Greece – Italy Programme
  • Interreg IPA CBC Italy – Albania – Montenegro Programme


Scientific collaborations with International Institutions

  • Agricultural University of Tirana (Albania)
  • Centro Universita’ Barão De Mauá (Brasil)
  • Centro Univ. Barão De Mauá (Students mobility agreement) (Brasil)
  • Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina (Ufsc) (Brasil)
  • University of British Columbia (Canada)
  • Technological Education Institute of Larissa (Greece)
  • Imperial College London (England)
  • Babol Noshirvani University of Technologies (Iran)
  • Kazakhstan National Agrarian University of Almaty (Kazakhastan)
  • Aupet- Almaty University Of Power Engineering And Telecommunications (Kazakhastan)
  • Biotechnology Research Centre of Tripoli (Libia)
  • Instituto Forestal Nacional De La Republica De Paraguay (Paraguay)
  • Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education In Biała (Poland)
  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Escuela De Agricoltura De La Región Tropical Húmeda “Earth” (Costa Rica Republic)
  • Universita’ Valahia Din Targoviste (Romania)
  • Slovenian Forestry Institute (Slovenia)
  • Somali Web University (Somalia)
  • Universidad De Granada (Spain)
  • Nha Trang University (Vietnam)
  • Somali National University (Somalia)

Within the scientific and cultural fields of the Department related to the agricultural sciences, the research topics on animal science concern the improvement of sustainability of livestock processes and bio-functional characteristics of their products, animal reproduction, nutrition and feeding efficiency, genetic aspects, animal welfare and safeguard of biodiversity.