INNO.TRITION Work Packages

WP1 – Project management & Coordination

The LP will ensure the sound & effective implementation of the project. More specifically, it will be responsible for the:

  1. Overall coordination and supervision of the project activities
  2. Preparation and submission of the Progress Reports to the JS in accordance with the timetable and the provisions of the Programme
  3. Organization and participation in project meetings.

The rest partners:

  1. Cooperate with the LP for the effective implementation of the project activities and financial manager
  2. Are responsible for drafting the project and financial reports and submitting them to the LP
  3. Participate in the project meeting
  4. Organize the two meetings.

The main mechanism which will ensure the quality and implementation of the project will be the Management and Coordination Committee (MCC). This is the decision body of the project.

WP2 – Dissemination and communication of the project and its results to local and international level

The LP will be responsible for the WP2 which aim at the dissemination and communication of the project and its results to local and international level and foresee the following activities:

  1. A communication plan
  2. Development of the project website
  3. Final conference in Italy and Final Conference in Greece
  4. Communication material.

WP3 – Product development and pilot application in animals

This WP includes all necessary actions for the development of the products (feed sources) including the selection of the optimal ensilage process for each animal species, a pilot application where the feed sources previously determined will be fed to the animals and evaluated.
Partner responsible: The PB2 will ensure that all the following activities will be implemented in time and as scheduled:
1. Product Development: PB2, PB3 and PB4 will jointly determine the optimal combination of ingredients for the development of the products.
2. Pilot Application: PB2,PB3 will house joint pilot applications for the evaluation of the result of feeding the animals and the creation of a “best practise model ” for integration to production.

Μore specifically:

  • Investigate the potential of a combined utilization of agro-industry wastes, massively produced in Greece and Italy characterized as Mediterranean products such olive waste, winery waste, whey waste as well as globally:
    • Olive mill waste waters (OMWW) (A by-product of olive oil production)
    • Winery solid grape pomace (solid waste produced by wine making units which contains grape skin, pulp, seeds, and stems)
    • Cheese whey
  • As raw material for animal feed production by ensilage technology or after drying.
  • The proposed research aims at the sustainable co-utilization of four massively produced agro-wastes and particularly: cheese whey, olive mill waste waters and winery solid waste (grape pomace) for the production of a bioactive raw material for productive animals by an optimized ensilage technology.

WP4 – Business plan, Networking & Training

This WP includes all necessary actions for the implementation of the method created to production, the creation of a network of producers and experts and training activities for stake holders (animal production and animal feed sector) in order to emphasize the benefits of this new technology and support its adoption.
Partner responsible: The LP will ensure that all the following activities will be implemented in time and as scheduled:

  1. Business Plan: The LP and PB4 will formulate a business plan for introducing the novel products.
  2. Training: The LP and PB4 will jointly create a network for the introduction of the products.
  3. Network creation: The LB and PB4 will create two linked networks; one in Italy and one in Greece for linking experts to producers.