Day: December 28, 2020

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EU co-funded project INNO.TRITION launches its Cross-border network platform for matching organic wastes supply with demand

The INNO.TRITION Project (“Innovative use of Olive, Winery and Cheese Waste by products in animal nutrition for the production of functional foods for animals”, April 2019 – September 2021), co-funded by the Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Programme 2014-2020, by European Union, thought the European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F.) and by the National Funds Greece and Italy, with a total budget of 602,725.25 Euro, has launched its Cross-border network platform for matching organic wastes supply with demand on a dedicated website (

Based on multiple innovative technologies, the platform has been built as a virtual place in a modular, open-source, and extensible manner to ensure that food by-products offers and the relevant requests of cheap fermentable nutrients are matched for feed production, such as the ensiling.

After the virtual agreement based on an already active offer and therefore the acquisition of specific items and quantities is achieved, the users may arrange the physical transfer and processing of food by-products.

Potential users of this platform are amongst others food industries producing high amounts of organic wastes (e.g. mills, wineries, dairies), and farmers that produce wastes with a potential content of bioactive compounds (polyphenols, fibers, etc.). Animal production companies (livestock, sheep, pigs, poultry) may benefit by using the ingredients offered in the INNO.TRITION platform in “functional” feeds production at their farm.

Become a part of the INNO.TRITION Cross-border network platform!

The INNO.TRITION partners: Chamber of Arta as Lead Partner, University of Ioannina–Department of Agriculture, University Aldo Moro of Bari and National Research Council, Institute of Sciences of Food Production (CNR-ISPA) look forward to strengthen the platform and its continuity by involving external parties (e.g. food industries, animal production companies). All stakeholders are invited to test the platform and be part of it!

To browse the platform please visit the link

Champer of Arta contact point: Nancy Diamantopoulou, K.Aitolou & N.Priovolou 47100 ARTA, GREECE e-mail: +302681028728

CNR-ISPA contact point: Angela Cardinali Via Amendola 122/O, 70126 BARI, ITALY e-mail +390805929303